• Panel ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch)

  • 1 Safety
    ATS Panel should only be installed, maintained or serviced by a qualified electrician.
    The generator set may start without warning whilst in AUTO mode.
    Before undertaking any service or maintenance work,ensure the mains and generator
    supply are isolated and generator is switched to off.
    The generator is supplied with the battery disconnected/isolated for safety reasons and
    should not be re-connected until all connections have been made.
    Because of the nature of the equipment and the permanent mains connection, the
    terminals within the generator may be LIVE even if the generator itself is not running.
    2 Installation
    Make sure that the Generator is at least one metre away from any building during operation.
    Operate in a well ventilated unconfined area, so that fumes can be properly
    Silencer outlet should be facing an open area to prevent fumes being recirculated.
    Consideration will also need to be made for refuelling and maintenance.
    If installing in a confined area please consult manufacturer.
    2.1 Electrical installation
    AC Wiring
    Please  ensure  the  correct  cross  sectional  area  of  cable  between  the  Alternator/Panel  and
    Distribution board used is adequate to carry the full rated continuous output of the generator,
    allowing for derating in high ambient temperatures.Please consult IEE regulations as per the
    correct sizing of cable and other issues regardingwiring. Flexible cable is recommended for
    alternator  connections  allowing  for  a  generous  loop before  the  cable  enters  the  alternator
    terminal  box  because  of  the  vibration  caused  by  the set  starting.  If  this  is  not  possible  a
    terminal box can be fitted nearby and flex fitted between this and the generator terminal box.
    These precautions will not be needed when fixing toa control box which is not attached to the
    Alternator. Please refer to Wiring diagram.
    DC Wiring
    For the DC wiring we recommend 1.5mm if the generator is more than 10Meters away please
    consult manufacturer for cable sizing. Please refer to Wiring diagram.
    3 ATS Panel Equipment
    3.1 ATS control – ENKO ATS 1.1
    ATS1.1 automatic transfer unit is a microprocessor based digital unit monitoring the 3 phases
    of the mains and controls the changeover of mains and generator contactors if a mains failure
    on any phase is detected. The module is able to display all the parameters which are essential
    for the basic gen-set transfer control.The module has 3 operation modes.Test on load, test off
    load  and  Auto  operation  modes  can  be  chosen  via  the push-buttons  mounted  on  the  front



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